Nature’s Sunshine Review – Should You Join?


Nature’s Sunshine offers us a way to get back to our roots. What roots? The roots of our early ancestors who used natural, herbal remedies in their every day lives! There once was a time when early man depended on herbs for medicinal purposes.

Unfortunately, today (especially in the western world) we have started to depend so heavily on prescription medicine that we have lost touch with what natural, herbal remedies can do for us! This review will focus on Nature’s Sunshine, a company that offers all-natural herbal, vitamin, and nutritional supplements-while offering you a chance to make an income from home.

The Company
Nature’s Sunshine is a very well-established, worldwide company with roots dating back to 1972! It is a direct sales company located in Utah. Nature’s Sunshine was the very first company to encapsulate herbs, leading to a very successful, well-known company legacy. It’s an interesting story actually! In the 1970’s, Gene Hughes, a school teacher, took his neighbor’s advice and took cayenne pepper for his stomach discomfort. Of course, taking a spoonful of powdered cayenne pepper wasn’t a very enjoyable experience! So his wife suggested that they put the powder into gelatin capsules. Shortly after that, they started encapsulating other herbs and sold them to health food stores. Then they decided to use network marketing to reach even more customers Sunshine Organics. Now there are approximately 600,000 distributors, and the products are sold in 30 countries.

The Products
Nature’s Sunshine believes in producing only the highest quality supplements. Their manufacturing facility has been certified by NSF, a leading, third-party auditor of health companies. This offers distributors and customers a peace of mind when recommending or taking these supplements. There are so many different products to choose from! There seems to be something for everyone. There are categories such as antioxidants, body cleanse, bones/joints, brain health, digestion, and energy-just to name a few! I was impressed with the health assessment offered on their website. It’s nice to be able to customize your products with a little input from the assessment results.

The Compensation
There are four different ways to earn income in Nature’s Sunshine: retail profits, sponsoring new distributors, personal rebates, and group commissions. There are two different compensation plans. One of these plans, the Classic Plan, benefits those who would like to build more of a wide (vs. deep) team. If you would like to build a deeper team, the Legacy Plan would be a better choice-this plan pays you down to deeper levels in the organization. The Classic Plan would be a better fit for someone who wanted to focus primarily on retailing the product. The Legacy Plan would be a good choice for someone who wanted to build a large organization of distributors.

For only 40 dollars you can become a member and you’re in business. The great news is that you can actually purchase 40 dollars worth of products and receive the membership for free-sounds great! You must maintain $100 QV each month in order to qualify for your bonuses, pretty standard.

Personal Development is HUGE if you ever want to succeed in business. Nature’s Sunshine has online training, webinars, and seminars to educate those who join their opportunity. This is a huge plus since developing the right mindset is key to transforming yourself.

To Sum It Up
If you’re looking for a stable company with a pretty interesting history, then take a closer look at Nature’s Sunshine. It would be great for someone who has an interest in herbs and natural remedies.

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