Information on Red Cross Certified Nursing Assistant Training

Becoming a certified nursing assistant is an excellent way to enter the medical field. Many registered nurses began as a CNA and continued their education until they became a RN. Training can vary from state to state, however the Red Cross is considered one of the best training programs in the United States. A certified nursing assistant provides basic care for patients in nursing homes, hospitals, home care, and hospices. The job outlook is expected to grow by 20 percent from 2010 to 2020, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Red Cross CNA Program Description
The training program is a four-week course approved by the Department of Education. The course prepares students to work in nursing homes, hospice care, board and retirement facilities, rehabilitation hospitals, day care for the elderly, home care and psychiatric hospitals. The program teaches students to take and record blood pressure, temperature, and pulse rate. The course teaches how to assist patients with daily living activities, such as using the toilet, bathing and hygiene. The course content is given by lectures, demonstrations and exposure to nursing procedures and techniques.

Course Requirements
Students must pass a reading test and attend a mandatory orientation class. They require candidates to have a valid State ID card and a social security number. The student must pass a physical exam and a TB screening at least one year before starting the training. A criminal background check and fingerprinting will be performed and the student must pass it.

Salary of a Certified Nursing Assistant
Most nursing assistant’s work full-time, they may work nights, weekends and holidays. The hourly rate for a nursing aide is $8.45 to $14.24. A certified nurse aide median yearly wage was $24,010 based on the Bureau of Labor Statistics. They are usually paid hourly wages around $11.54 each hour, but it varies in most states. Most nursing homes pay their nursing aide’s a comparable wage as hospitals and gives attractive benefit packages.

Cost of the Training Program
Free CNA training courses are available. You can research nursing homes and hospitals in your local area. However, the Red Cross is not a free training program and charges a fee for their training. Supplies are included in the tuition such as: training books, uniforms, stethoscope and training supplies, CPR, and state exam for certification. Training at the Red Cross is affordable and they have an excellent program that leads to employment.

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