Online Dating Tips – What’s In It FOR ME?


People join online dating sites for one reason and one reason only: to meet compatible women and men for romantic relationships – either long-term or fling based.

The motivations for joining a particular internet dating site are varied. What do women and men want from a dating service? And, more particularly, what can and should these personals sites deliver?


If you are looking for a serious, long-term relationship, then you should look for a dating service that will provide you with specific facilities and have certain characteristics:

Large membership
Solid reputation
Easily contactable
Flexible membership plans (over different periods of time)
Forum and/or chat rooms
Video chat
Refundable memberships fees
Security of personal details
If you join an online dating website with the above features, then you should have a happy cyber dating experience. But even with all of these factors in place, you have to remember that online dating sites are merely a platform for members to use. It’s pretty much like the roads you drive on – they are for the use of many, and your successful negotiation of the various streets and roundabouts is up to you and your skill set (or lack thereof).

Therefore, you need to do a few basic things to ensure that you don’t have a dating “accident” escort yverdon.


Be extremely careful about your cyber security when you join a dating service on the internet. Yes, the good and reputable ones have their own firewalls and other measures in place, but the onus is still on you to be cautious. The most important measure you can take is not to reveal anything online that you wouldn’t mention in a conversation with a stranger sitting next to you on the bus. There is an unfounded feeling that giving your details on a dating site is not as dangerous as many make out. But, if someone asks you what your birthday is and where you live, it only takes a mildly enterprising hacker to steal your identity with these basic pieces of information.

Once your own personal security measures are in place, then you are set to enjoy the ride of your dating life online.

Treat Online Dating Like a Game

Your happiness is one of the most important elements in your overall well-being. It is very easy to set yourself up for disappointment by staking your romantic happiness on meeting your dream partner on a dating website.

To avoid being devastated, write on a post-it sticker the following words and attach it to the corner of your computer screen: “Online Dating is Just a Bit of Fun”. That way, every time you log on you will not be setting yourself up for a fall.

Try Different Dating Websites

To find out what’s in it for you on dating services, join up a whole bunch of them. Some are definitely better than others. A good gauge of what are the best ones are to check out review sites and complaint forums. When people have found out that they have joined a dodgy or fraudulent site, they are usually very motivated to shout their complaints to the rooftops!

To get your bearings if you are brand new to online dating – join a couple of free ones first. Also, if you have any cool hobbies or wacky interests and would like to meet compatible guys and girls, you will find virtually every angle is covered by niche dating sites these days!

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